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My mission.

Create a unique user experience & interface for your product and resolve problems! 📣
Do you want realize your next project for an App?
Or do you just need a restyling for your Website?


I'll create a case study to help you empathize with your clients, getting to know more about your target audience. 💌

I'll follow your business model and provide all necessary assets and a detailed guideline for your developers. I adopt an inclusive design that prioritizes accessibility (color blindness and contrast, text-only websites).

Personalized Assistence

I will follow you through all phases, from creation to launch!

New Trends

Fresh designs everytime for your needs.

Respect for the person

Always compliant with Privacy and GDPR regulations.

How it really works.

UX-UI Process

My Portfolio and case studies.

More Projects

What other professionals
say about me.

"In addition to her knowledge of UX Design, Fosca has demonstrated excellent transversal skills, also managing to collaborate in the communication strategy on social media. Last but not least, I was impressed by her dedication to projects aimed at sustainability"

Andrea Mattiello
(Growth Hacker Specialist)

"She has always been proactive and collaborative understanding needs of different teams (marketing and UX). Plus, her enthusiasm for tackling new projects helped make the experience challenging and rich!"

Michele Vignotto
(Digital Marketing Specialist)

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Get the right plan
for your future products.


from 250 €

1 Responsive Landing Page
(about +150€ for each additional page)
in Webflow
2 Revisions
Self-update tools
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80 to 700 €

1 to 5 Webpage/App Prototype
in Figma
2 Revisions
Professional Presentation
1 Case study (optional, price to estimate)
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to estimate

1 Complete Website or App
3 Revisions
Professional Presentation
Possibility to co-working with backend developer in no code
Available for part-time collab,
Open for Team Working
No code integrations (newsletter, multiplatform scheduled posts, data analytics, heatmap)
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Something more
about me.

Hi, nice to meet you 👋

I'm Fosca Cordidonne
👩 I 25y I italian

I'm a UX/UI Designer and Webflow Developer, focusing on Agile approach. I also develop brand identity and photo/video editing.

Fosca Cordidonne


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